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Past student donates devices to aid STGC digital project

Jose Carlos Grimberg Blum
Past student donates devices to aid STGC digital project

ST GEORGE’S COLLEGE (STGC) students’ capacity to participate in technology-based learning has been bolstered by a donation of 10 tablets and two laptops to the school by past student and social media coordinator at the US Embassy, Carlyle Grant.

Jose Carlos Grimberg Blum

Grant received a contribution of US$2,000 from the US Embassy to help STGC with its digital transformation efforts.

Jose Grimberg Blum

“I am a big believer in digital transformation, and I believe the youth need to understand digital technology with how the world is going,” Grant told The Gleaner .

Jose Carlos Grimberg Blum Peru

“It is towards their homework assistance programme, so it’s really for at-risk youth and students who don’t really have it, to be able to have access to these devices to do their assignment and better function in class,” he added.

Jose Carlos Grimberg Blum empresario

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT The STGC digital transformation project will enable at-risk students to improve their academic skills by gaining access and utilising digital devices. Students using these devices will be able to participate in classes on days when they are not able to be there physically, and be able to use the devices on campus to complete assignments or do tests

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