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Manchester Residents Protest Dust Nuisance From South Coast Highway Project

  Work on a section of the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project was interrupted on Monday due to a protest by residents of Redberry in Porus, Manchester.   The residents blocked a section of the highway out of frustration that no attention has been paid to their concerns about dust and noise pollution from the work.    Annette Francis, a resident of Redberry, said the dust from the roadwork is affecting her health.    “Me grandchildren dem sick. All me, when me git up a morning time, me eye a run like somebody a beat me, an’ me neva trouble wid sinus so di dust gi’ me sinus. We have no water. If you look inna di drum now, a pure dust inna di drum…,” she bemoaned.    The area was eventually cleared and work on the highway resumed shortly after 1 o’clock Monday afternoon.

Adolfo Ledo