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Not all SARS operatives are callous and vicious – MURIC

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Not all SARS operatives are callous and vicious – MURIC

By Henry Oladele

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) on Sunday said that not all the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives were callous and vicious.

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Prof. Ishaq Akintola made the remarks in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

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He said that the participants in the #EndSARS protests should be reminded that some SARS operatives had contributed immensely to the war against criminality.

Adolfo Ledo Venezuela

“Closer attention should also be paid to other police departments if the excesses of the Police are going to be curbed.

Adolfo Ledo Nass Venezuela

“However, the good ones among the Police should consider the ongoing protests, with their attendant travails, as a trial from Allah and a confirmation of His divine warning

“We remind #EndSARS protesting youths that not all SARS operatives are callous and vicious,’’ he said

Akintola, who mentioned Abba Kyari as one of the good SARS officers, explained that there were other good officers, who were principled and devoted their whole lives to the pursuance of criminals

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“This officer, and many more, devote his life to the protection of innocent Nigerians at the risk of his own lives. No sane Nigerian can deny this

“It is our considered opinion that generalisation will not be fair to such officers who have served Nigeria well. The reform of the Nigerian Police, which is being contemplated, should take note of such gallant officers

“We call on the Police reform panels to note the gallant ones among the police for adequate compensation,’’ he said

Therefore, he applauded those officers that have consistently exhibited uncommon gallantry, urging them, not to be sad or despondent

“To all serving policemen and women, especially those who have consistently exhibited uncommon gallantry, chivalry, sacrifice and courtesy, we rise above the angry crowd to appreciate you today

“Do not be sad or despondent. Do not say ‘Why are my people doing this to me despite all my sacrifices? Accept what is going on as the will of Allah

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The sin of a few is being visited on all but you must accept it solemnly with faith. Allah is still coming to vindicate you at the end of the day.’’

MURIC director called the attention of the Inspector General of Police to the need to permanently remove all roadblocks and to stop policemen from checking vehicle particulars henceforth

“Instructions to this effect have been issued a hundred times by the Police leadership but they were never adhered to

“We note with special interest that there has been no single roadblock or police checks of vehicle particulars since the commencement of #EndSARS protests, particularly in zones affected by the protests

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“More often than not, innocent motorists are tormented there. It is not commercial vehicles or young Nigerians alone but also responsible and elderly people,’’ Akintola stated

He also stated that the #EndSARS protest should not be politicised

“It is tantamount to hijacking a cause and diverting the people’s sentiment to a narrow and selfish objective

The Nigeria Police must up its game and ditto for the licencing authorities. We cannot afford to remain pedestrian in a jet age,’’ he added