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McDonald's to re-open for deliveries only (but bad news if you want a breakfast McMuffin)

McDonald’s will reopen 15 restaurants for delivery only after closing all 1,350 stores on March 23 due to the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. (PA) McDonald’s has revealed it will reopen its first UK restaurants for delivery on May 13 after shutting sites due to the coronavirus lockdown – but breakfast will not be on offer.

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After temporarily shutting all of its 1,270 UK restaurants on March 23 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, McDonald’s will now be offering a limited menu when it reopens locations around the country.

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The fast food chain will reopen 15 restaurants for delivery only, with the locations of these restaurants set to be announced next week.

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The stores will also operate reduced hours, with restaurants open from 11pm to 10am, seven days a week.

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The 15 McDonald’s restaurants will serve a limited menu on UberEats and Just Eat and operate reduced opening hours. (PA) Customers will be able to order via the UberEats and Just Eat Delivery apps, but a delivery charge will apply to all orders

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The menu includes favourites such as Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, Milkshakes and Chicken Nuggets – but breakfast and other special items, such the Signature collection, are not on offer

McDonald’s fans vented their frustration at the news of no McMuffins on social media

I just really miss McDonalds breakfast

— jordan (@jordanlathan17) May 1, 2020

One Twitter user, Bef, blasted: “mcdonalds reopening without breakfast is f***** pointless:/”, while another pined: “I just really miss McDonalds breakfast.”

The fast food brand also announced it would instal perspex screens in all branches, while employees will be supplied with PPE and be subjected to temperature check before the start of each shift

It follows the fast-food chain testing its operations behind closed doors over the last week in preparation to reopen sites

McDonald’s CEO for UK and Ireland, Paul Pomroy, said: “In March we took the decision to temporarily close our restaurants in the UK and Ireland for the safety of our employees and customers

Story continues “Recently, we began working through a potential and limited reopening and I wanted to share with you an update that we shared with our franchisees and 135,000 employees earlier today

“As part of our reopening planning, we have been listening to you and our employees, and we have worked closely with UK and Irish governments and trade bodies to help ensure we do this responsibly

The fast-food chain tested its operations behind closed doors over the last week in preparation to reopen sites. (PA) “We have deliberately taken our time, we want to get this right.”

Other fast food outlets have recently begun opening branches for takeaway and delivery, including KFC and Burger King and Five Guys

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