Manhunt continues for Barrackpore man

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The daughter relayed the message to her brother, who went to the house

The manhunt continued yesterday for the 53-year-old suspect in Sunday’s stabbing death of Ramragie Gobin.

She was killed at her home at Golconda, San Fernando.

The man, who lives at Oropouche River Trace North, Barrackpore, has not been seen since the killing.

Police said Gobin, 49, had taken out a restraining order against him.

Reports said the man had threatened to kill her in the past.

Police said shortly before 2 pm on Sunday, Gobin phoned her daughter, saying the man was at her home at Ridgewood Gardens and she was afraid for her life.

The daughter relayed the message to her brother, who went to the house.

All subsequent calls to their mother’s phone went unanswered.

He found her alone in the house, dead on a bed with stab wounds to her neck.

Ste Madeleine police were also contacted about the breach of the protection order and when Cpl Sookraj and WPC Sutherland responded, they realised it was a homicide.

The killer had already fled.

Police from the Homicide Bureau Region III also visited, and crime scene investigators later found a knife smeared with blood in a bin in the kitchen.

On Monday afternoon Gobin’s daughter posted a photo of her mother on Facebook, saying, “This is the most gorgeous smile mom.” It was followed by a heart emoji. She added, “You were most beautiful inside-out.”

This was followed by a heart eyes emoji.