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TTTF hosts sixth schools aquathlon championships


The TT Triathlon Federation hosted the 2019/20 National Primary and Secondary Schools Aquathlon Championships, at the National Aquatics Centre in Balmain, Couva yesterday, kicking off their sixth running of their annual school multi-sport series.

Munir Abedrabbo

The day kicked off with the primary school championships in the morning and the secondary schools took their turn to compete in the afternoon portion of the event

In the seven and under division, Farrah Phillips, of Dunross Preparatory School, came first overall with a time of four minutes. Michah Alexander, of St Peter’s Private School, finished first in the boys division and second overall and clocked in at four minutes and one second

Third place overall went to Sanae Reece from Bishop Anstey Junior (4:02).Reece placed second in the girls division. Third place for the boys was Lemuel Douglas (4:07), also out of Bishop Anstey Junior; and third place for the girls,International School’s Juliana Hadeed clocked in with 4:41 minutes

In the primary 8-9 boys division, Malachi Leach and Aiden Nixon finished first and second for Bishop Anstey Junior with Rafael Wan finishing third for the International School. Four of the top five finishers in the boys were from Bishop Anstey. Leach and Nixon both clocked in at five minutes and 24 seconds while, Wan stopped the clock at five minutes and 40 seconds

Members of the Holistic primary school placed second at the TTTF’s Schools Aquathlon Championships,yesterday. – JEFF K MAYERS

In the 8-9 girls division, it was Taylor Marchan leading the charge for St Monica’s Preparatory with a time of five minutes 45 seconds. Samanta de Freitas (5:53) from Bishop Anstey finished second and Jodie-Marie Riley (5:56) from St Monica’s Prep came third. Three of the top five finishers were from St Monica’s

In the primary boys 10-11 division, Adam Scoon, of St Monica’s Preparatory, took the top spot out of a field of 34 competitors with a time of eight minutes and 58 seconds. Jaden Mills from Brishop Anstey Junior (9:16) took the second spot and Alejandro Agard (9:39), out of Newtown Boys RC, rounded off the top 3

In the girls 10-11 division, Gianna Pichery representing Holy Name Preparatory placed first in a time of ten minutes and 13 seconds. Rese Ashe (10:58) out of St Xavier’s Private took second place while, Maleah Butler (11:02) of Dunross came third

In the secondary schools competition, in the 13 and under group, Zachary Anthony led a clean sweep of the overall top four finishers represented by Fatima College with a time of 14 minutes and 54 seconds. Shaelan Reece (15:25) finished second. Dante Pichery (16:01) finished third. Jenae Price, of Providence Girls, finished first in the girls division with a time of 17 minutes and 29 seconds. Chelsea Fuller (17:33) and Alyssa Cheekes (17:36) took second and third for St Joseph’s Convent (POS)

In the 14-15 division, Josh Fuller finished first overall for Fatima College with a time of 20 minutes 49 seconds. Rebecca Lezama finished second overall and the highest finishing female with a time of 22 minutes 53 seconds. Rounding off the top three for the boys are Anthony Martinez (22:59) finishing second for Fatima College (third overall) and Alec Mendes (23:29) taking third place (fourth overall). For the girls, Isis Gaskin (24:45) finished second (5th overall) representing Bishops Anstey East. Mikelle Cedeno (26:34) took 3rd (8th overall)

Graeme Toussaint-Waithe cools down during the 16 and over race of the TTTF School Aquathlon Champs, at the Aquatic Centre, Couva,yesterday. Graeme placed 7th overall. – JEFF K MAYERS

In the 16 and Over Division, Troy Llanos of Fatima College placed first overall with a time of 26 minutes and 19 seconds. Kareem Mason (26:52) out of St Mary’s College took 2nd and Chad Hosein (27:10) finished third representing Presentation College, Chaguanas

In the girls division, Zahra Gaskin finished 1st (12th overall) with a time of 30 minutes and 54 seconds. St. Joseph’s Convent took the rest of the podium with Kristen Scott (36:01) and Rachel Grosberg (36:01) finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively (19th and 20th overall).